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Do you react to common chemicals, such as perfume, petrochemicals, carpeting?

A support group meets occasionally in Central Maryland sharing information on everyday toxins, helpful advice, and social support.

The CSDA (Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association) is a national group with many members in Virginia and Maryland.


Do not wear fragrances to any CSDA event, including personal care products and various laundry products! Anyone having a detectable fragrance on them may be asked to leave.

Please if you have not already done so, please RSVP your intention to attend this meeting to Warren.

Pandemic Notice

In consideration of the rapidly growing concerns over the coronavirus, the CSDA leadership has decided to cancel our meetings at the Laurel library until further notice. A few virtual meetings are planned.

Given the fact that much of our membership is at higher risk (generally older and many with additional health issues), that local jurisdictions are closing schools, the Governor has banned large gatherings (abet those much larger than ours), and such was recommended by our scheduled guest speaker, we believe the precautionary principle is in order.

By the way, outdoor air is usually cleaner than indoors. I hope that members and friends will avail themselves of regular walking outside to exercise if possible in the company of friends and pets.

Meeting time is usually 2:00-4:45 PM (please try to arrive on time so as not to disrupt the meeting or miss important information). At 2:00, there will be announcements and a general open discussion of any questions or problems bothering our members, friends, or visitors, along with general socializing. At 2:30 the presentations begin.

In the event of inclement winter weather conditions, any decision to cancel this meeting will be made by 10:00 AM the day of the meeting and sent out by email.

Please be informed that CSDA does not have a position on the validity of alternative healing modalities, the information presented and views express by guest speakers at CSDA meetings are the speakers alone. Any procedures or products CSDA members/friends may try are done at their own risk.

CSDA is the Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association, a Maryland 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Future CSDA meetings will be held as usual at 2 pm at The Maryland City Library, 3501 Russett Common, Laurel, MD.

CSDA encourages and facilitates information sharing, but such information is NOT intended to constitute medical diagnosis, prescribed treatment or legal advice. It is the sole responsibility of each person to decide if specific products, services or therapies are safe and appropriate for them.

CSDA does NOT endorse any product, service or therapy that may be mentioned or discussed by anyone at a CSDA function. CSDA does NOT have any financial interest in or receive financial benefit from any product, service or therapy that may be mentioned or discussed by anyone at a CSDA function. If someone decides to purchase a service or product mentioned or discussed at a CSDA function, CSDA has no responsibility or role related to any adverse effects, efficacy, cost effectiveness, warranty, refund or return of any such product.

Do not wear fragrances to any CSDA event, including personal care products and various laundry products! Anyone having a detectable fragrance may be asked to leave!

Also, as some of our members are Electromagnetically Sensitive, please turn off cell/smart phones, tablets, and ALL electronics (the only electronic / computer equipment allowed to be operated will be those required by our speaker for their presentation).

Our meetings are free and open to the public. Attendees are asked to come to our in-person meetings scent-free. If you'd like to be on our Meeting Notification List, send an email to To recommend speakers to our Vice President and Speakers Chair, call Debby Roy at 301 725 5482. We presently schedule monthly evening and afternoon telephone meetings for our members. Members of CSDA can join free by submitting our application, also available at our public meetings or by writing us at .

Our CSDA Vice-President and meeting organizer, Debbie Roy has requested you RSVP your intention to attend this meeting to Warren. If there are not enough RSVPs for this meeting, Debbie will cancel the meeting (there is no need for “non-attendance” replies; we are looking for positive responses to know we have enough attendees to hold the meeting).

Location: The Maryland City Library, 3501 Russett Common, Laurel, MD.

DIRECTIONS: From the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, head west on Route 198 less than 1/4 mile, then turn right at the first traffic light onto Russett Green East. Go past the Wal-Mart entrance, then turn left onto Russett Common. The library is on the left.

Please note that the BW Parkway heading north from the Washington Beltway is also often backed up and very slow on a Saturday afternoon. Also note that an alternative of Rt. 198 (from I-95) through Laurel can also be somewhat slow. Either way, try to give yourself plenty of extra time. Early birds get to talk with friends old and new.

Personal plea: The only way we can continue to have speakers willing to come talk to us, is if we have a good turnout of members and guests at our meetings. Please attend. This is your chance to learn from our speakers and each other, and socialize with others with chemical sensitivities -- those who truly understand what each of us are dealing with. This is a rare opportunity in our world, please take advantage of it.

Wishing you recovery and good health.

If you'd like a membership application, email

For further information, see the CSDA's Chemsense web page at: and occasional Blog at: .
Contact Information

For information via internet, email

Please! Do not wear fragrances to any group events, including personal care products or detergents!
About the CSDA

The Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association (CSDA) is an all-volunteer organization. We do not charge for membership. But we have recurring expenses including the rent for this website and office supplies. We need your tax-deductible contributions. You may mail them to: CSDA, 7308 Cedar Ave, Takoma Park, Maryland 20912. If you wish to receive email notifications of our meetings and other important news, please include your email address. To protect the privacy of our members and friends, these records are not released.

Disclaimer statement

CSDA is a nonprofit, educational support group for people who have been toxically-injured by biotoxins, chemicals or electro-magnetic radiation, and have developed multi-system illnesses including intolerance of exposures to even low levels of common chemicals [sometimes referred to as “multiple chemical sensitivity”].

As part of its educational efforts, CSDA hosts periodic meetings & telephone-based group discussions for the purpose of sharing information & experiences on various relevant topics, including invited presenters who may sell products or services of potential interest to CSDA members.

ALL information, presentations, products, purported therapies, & discussions in CSDA-hosted events are for information sharing purposes only and are NOT medical advice & are NOT intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease, ailment or injury to the body. ALL products, services, potential therapies, techniques, and/or personal usage & experiences referred to in CSDA events are NOT suggested or intended as a replacement for proper diagnosis & treatment from a licensed health care professional of each person’s choice. Neither CSDA members nor Board members are licensed health care professionals and any person’s decision to use or not to use any of this information is the sole responsibility of , & at the risk of, that person. In NO case is CSDA prescribing, endorsing, recommending, or sponsoring ANY service, product, therapy, technique, etc that may be discussed by ANY presenter or member who participates in discussions. CSDA does NOT have any financial relationship or interest in any product, service, or treatment that an invited speaker may discuss.

Each of us is an individual with different body types, different blood types, different toxic exposures & medical histories, differences in immune systems, body chemistries & genotypes, & differences in type & degree of intolerance & reactivity to toxic substances. It is essential to remember that what works for one person may not work for another person, or may cause significant adverse reactions for someone else. In general, we urge each person to seek advice from their own licensed, qualified medical expert prior to deciding to try any service, therapy, product, supplement or treatment.

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Dr. Plumlee, Debra Lynn Dadd, and Larry Radala

Group Members on a hike at Patapsco State Park
group garden
Photos from 2006 Home Tour, Front Royal

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